2021-03-22 16:45:00

A Muslim woman from the Moscow Region searches for a second wife for her husband

Moscow, March 22, Interfax - Young Muslim Nargiza Tleumbetova from the Moscow Region decided to find a second wife for her husband after he expressed a strong desire to become a polygamist.

Representatives of Islamic community condemned such a method of replenishing the family in a social net where the "vacancy" was posted, but Russian women are bombarding the "older" wife with their CVs," the Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper writes.

Nargiza is married to Russian guy Sergey who adapted Islam. Two days before the wedding he told his bride that he is going to have several wives and the girl started searching them.

"If my husband wished to have a second wife out of lust, may be I would oppose such a decision," Nargiza said, "but he said he wanted to have a big family and many children and I respect this wish. Perhaps, there will be several of us, not only two. Several wives in a family save a man from the temptation to commit adultery."

During the first days of the casting, the "elder wife" counted more than 50 applicants aged from 17 to 40, though the requirements were strict: a girl should be virgin aged under 23 and a Muslim constantly wearing a hijab.

The newspaper points out that there are many groups dedicated to Muslim acquaintances in social nets and most of them have a section for the search of "additional wives." According to the statistics of these publics, 60% of the users there are women.