2021-03-22 13:55:00

Pashinyan believes revolution in Armenia was based on Christian values

Moscow, March 22, Interfax - Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan is convinced that certain oppositional forces in the country are out for blood rather than for elections.

"Today there are aggressive forces in Armenia, they increase the level of aggression every day, but we were able to avoid clashes during this confrontation and it is a very great achievement, first of all, of our people, as our people did not allow the clashes to occur," Pashinyan said at a meeting with residents of local villages during his trip to the Aragatsotn Region of the republic.

He expressed discontent with decisions of the judges who refuse to satisfy petitions of the law enforcement agencies about arrests.

"They let them go so that they continue their aggressive attacks against us. But why do we have such judges? This is the question that requires an answer. Christian values were at the heart of our revolution, we said that there would be no vendetta. May be it was our greatest mistake. We hoped that people would change, but many of them crossed the line - legal, moral and political," Pashinyan said.