2021-03-19 13:57:00

Yakut shaman Gabyshev found insane

Moscow, March 19, Interfax - A psychological and psychiatric evaluation has shown that Yakut shaman Alexander Gabyshev, who is charged with subjecting an authority to violence, is insane.

"Shaman Alexander Gabyshev was found insane based on the results of a psychological and psychiatric evaluation conducted in a Yakut mental clinic. The evaluation was performed in connection with a criminal case against Gabyshev, who is charged with subjecting a Russian Guard officer to violence (Article 318 of the Russian Criminal Code)," Pravozashchita Otkrytki coordinator Alexey Pryanishnikov told Interfax.

According to earlier reports, the Russian Investigative Committee opened a criminal case against Gabyshev in late February 2021. Pryanishnikov said Gabyshev was charged with subjecting to violence the law enforcement official who came to his residence to take him to a mental clinic.

Gabyshev said in early 2021 that his new "march to Moscow" would begin in March.

Gabyshev began an 8,000-kilometer journey to Moscow in March 2019, in order to "drive away" the president and "restore the people's power." The trek was meant to last two years.

In the fall of 2019, a criminal case based on public calls for extremism was opened against Gabyshev. He was detained several times and eventually ended his journey.

A state examination found Gabyshev insane. On May 12, 2020, he was committed to a psychiatric hospital. He stayed there until July 22.