2021-02-09 10:13:00

The International Day of Human Brotherhood celebrates in Russia for the first time

Moscow, February 9, Interfax - The Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center and the UAE Embassy in Moscow have agreed to sign a document on cooperation in promoting the ideas of equality and mutual respect for peoples and cultures.

The International Day of Human Brotherhood, established by the United Nations in 2020, was celebrated for the first time in Russia at the Jewish Museum. Formally, the holiday is celebrated on February 4: on this day in 2019, the Document on Human Brotherhood for World Peace and Living Together was signed in Abu Dhabi by Supreme Imam of the authoritative Islamic University Al-Azhar Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayyib and Pope Francis.

Later, in August 2020, the negotiations between Israel and the Emirates ended with the decision of both countries to establish fully settled diplomatic and economic relations. Supporting this initiative, the Jewish Museum begins cooperation with the UAE Ministry of Tolerance and the UAE Embassy in Moscow.

"Faith in one God and submission to the will of Creator helps us, representatives of different religions, to become closer, gives us the feeling of an open house full of friends who can always count on mutual assistance (...) In the 21st century, we must and can afford not to close ourselves off from each other, but to build good, warm, fraternal relations," Alexander Boroda, the head of the Jewish Museum, said at the ceremony.

In turn, the UAE Ambassador to the Russian Federation, Mohammed Al Jaber, said that the Emirates and Russia are very similar in terms of religious tolerance. He called Russia a multinational country where followers of different religions live in peace and friendship, and called the Jewish Museum a unique place that "makes a significant contribution to the promotion of the principles of interfaith dialogue and tolerance."