2021-02-09 10:04:00

Tolerance lessons have already been held for half a million schoolchildren in Russia

Moscow, February 9, Interfax - The Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center, established eight years ago in Moscow, has now helped to conduct its tolerance lessons for about half a million Russian schoolchildren and students, the museum's director Alexander Boroda said.

"We have developed more than a hundred interactive programs not only for children, but also for teachers, businessmen, representatives of non-profit organizations and civil servants," he said at a joint celebration of the International Day of Human Brotherhood with the UAE Embassy.

Besides, according to Rabbi Boroda, the museum annually holds a Week of Tolerance to draw public attention to the key humanitarian challenges of the time.

At the same time, together with UNESCO, the Jewish Museum creates educational programs of social and cultural adaptation for refugees, which are implemented in more than 10 thousand schools in 181 countries.