2021-02-09 10:00:00

Moscow City Court upholds arrest of schema-hegumen Sergy

Yekaterinburg, February 9, Interfax - The Moscow City Court has upheld the pretrial arrest of Nikolay Romanov, known as Schema-Hegumen Sergy, who is charged with a number of serious crimes, including inciting people to commit suicide.

"The ruling by Moscow's Basmanny District Court of December 29, 2020 on taking Romanov into custody as a pretrial restrictive measure shall be left unchanged and the appeals filed in defense of Romanov's interests shall be turned down," the Moscow City Court press service told Interfax.

Hence, Romanov will stay under arrest at least until February 28.

Romanov's defense has filed an appeal against this ruling, lawyer Svetlana Gerasimova told Interfax.

"An appeal has been lodged already," she said.

The necessary documents have been sent by mail, she said.

The former schema-hegumen, who is held at detention center No.4, is feeling well, she said.

Sergiy, who was earlier stripped of his religious orders for violating his priestly oath, monastic vows, and several apostolic rules and church canons, was excommunicated by the Church on September 10, 2020. He had repeatedly said that he would not leave Sredneuralsky Convent.