2021-01-14 14:38:00

ECHR finds unproven accusations of Kiev in Russia's refusal to register religious organizations in Crimea

Moscow, January 14, Interfax - The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has found some of Ukraine's complaints filed in the Ukraine v. Russia (re Crimea) case to be inadmissible, including those alleging killings of civilians, unwarranted apprehension and intimidation of foreign journalists, and some others, the Russian Justice Ministry said.

"The ECHR has concluded that a number of complaints filed by the Ukrainian government against the Russian Federation lack evidence, including alleged killings of civilians, unwarranted apprehension and intimidation of international journalists, illegal seizures of property of Ukrainian military personnel, discrimination against ethnic Ukrainians, politically motivated prosecution of pro-Ukrainian individuals, and denials of registration to religious and other organizations," the ministry said in a statement obtained by Interfax on Thursday.

The Russian Justice Ministry submitted its arguments showing that the relevant complaints are unwarranted, and evidence upholding them during the exchange of the parties' observations, including the public hearings at the ECHR Grand Chamber in September 2019, it said.

"The ECHR will draw up the following timeline of the hearings of the case and inform the parties about it in line with the established procedure," it said.

During the next stage of the proceedings on Ukraine's inter-state application, the Russian Justice Ministry's legal position "will continue to be based on the criteria of responsibility of states stipulated by international law, the Russian Constitution's norms, provisions of international treaties, and international tribunal practices," it said.