2021-01-12 15:28:00

Yakutian 'shaman' Gabyshev plans new 'march on Moscow'

Yakutsk, January 12, Interfax - Alexander Gabyshev, a resident of Yakutia who introduces himself as a shaman, has announced plans to venture on a new "march on Moscow," this time around not on foot, but on a white horse.

Alexei Pryanishnikov, a coordinator for the Pravozashchita Otkrytki human rights association, confirmed to Interfax that the voice in an audio recording available on social media, in which a man announces his intention to venture on a new march, is that of Gabyshev.

"It's true, I am in touch with him. Gabyshev is a free man, and his right to travel isn't restricted by any measure of constraint. He isn't making extremist calls, and therefore his march won't breach any legislation," Pryanishnikov said.

Gabyshev says in the audio recording that he plans to start his journey in the spring by crossing the Nyurba, Vilyuisk, and Suntar districts of Yakutia.

"Our march will begin when it gets warmer, roughly in March. I'll leave Yakutsk on a white horse and will travel upon the land of my ancestors. The Nyurba District is my father's land, and I must visit these lands. Then I'll reach Irkutsk, where the main group will be waiting," Gabyshev said.

Gabyshev said he would recruit some volunteers to his unit in Yakutsk, and the rest will join him in Irkutsk, from which they will continue their journey together.

"We'll reach the Altai Mountains. I must visit Altai; it's also a center of power, a center of power of all of Russia. Then we'll cross Siberia, reach the Urals territory, and it's just a stone's throw to Moscow from there," he said.

Gabyshev began an 8,000-kilometer journey to Moscow in March 2019, in order to "drive away" the president and "restore the people's power." The trek was meant to last two years.

In the fall of 2019, a criminal case based on public calls for extremism was opened against Gabyshev. He was detained several times and eventually ended his journey.

A state examination found Gabyshev insane. On May 12, 2020, he was forcibly taken to a mental health clinic. He stayed there until July 22.

After being discharged from the clinic, Gabyshev said he had decided to take care of his health, get his documents in order, and think about employment.