2020-11-10 10:23:00

Coronavirus-induced self-isolation helps reduce ethnic and religious violence - human rights activist

Moscow, November 10, Interfax - Coronavirus-related restrictions have reduced the scale of xenophobia in Russia, according to member of the Council for Civil Society and Human Rights, Director of the Moscow Bureau for Human Rights Alexander Brod.

"Factors, which helped reduce ethnically motivated violence, include self-isolation imposed in Russian regions in spring amid the coronavirus epidemic. This regime has significantly limited social activity and reduced the probability of conflicts, including those ethnically and religiously motivated," Brod said as he presented the Bureau's report on the manifestations of xenophobia and radicalized nationalism in Russia in 2020.

"The sentiment of intolerance partially migrated to the Internet," Brod said, adding, "Numerous xenophobic comments on people with origins in Asian countries were observed."

"When assessing the manifestations of xenophobia and radicalized nationalism last year, we saw the trend of a decline in the total number of vandalism cases and attacks fueled by ethnic, racial or religious intolerance. We can say that this trend generally continued this year," Brod said.