2020-10-15 13:42:00

FJCR considers Kiev's order to pray for pogrom-makers an insult of the Jewish people

Moscow, October 15, Interfax - The Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia official believes that the recommendation to hold a prayer service on the Defender of Ukraine Day, sent to the Jewish communities in Kiev, offends the Jewish people.

"The recommendation to Jewish communities of October 14, 2020, witnesses to a completely new level of immorality of modern Ukrainian patriotic ideology," FJCR President Alexander Boroda wrote in his article published in Nezavisimaya Gazeta on Thursday.

It was established to celebrate the Defender of Ukraine Day on October 14, 2014, by a decree of then acting President Pyotr Poroshenko. Historically, this date is associated with the day of the Ukrainian Cossacks and the day of the foundation of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (banned in the Russian Federation - IF). "These facts are enough to understand that the request signed by the head of Kiev City Council's Culture Department Dina Popova combines absolutely contradictory concepts," Boroda wrote.

The rabbi noted that among the heroes of Ukraine that Jews are supposed to pray for is Bogdan Khmelnitsky, and the pogroms he organized are rightly called the first Holocaust of Ukrainian Jewry.

Led by another hero of Ukraine, Simon Petliura, the army was engaged in the brutal extermination of the Jewish population during the Civil War, and, according to the Red Cross, 50,000 Jews were killed in these attacks in 1919, Boroda recalled.

"We can continue this list with new "heroes" of modern Ukraine, actual and ideological leaders of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army," the FJCR president wrote.

According to him, the Kiev authorities do not take into account the historical context at all. "We see that the glorification of criminals, the public, consistent justification of their crimes has reached the highest degree of cynicism," Boroda said.