2020-10-15 12:35:00

A source learned about the death of another child from a surrogate mother in St. Petersburg

Moscow, October 15, Interfax - A five-month-old child was found dead in an apartment with a nanny in the Primorsky District of St. Petersburg, an informed source told Interfax.

According to preliminary data, the baby was born under the surrogacy program.

On October 9, another five-month-old baby born to a surrogate mother for Chinese citizens died in the town of Kommunar, Leningrad Region. A criminal case was initiated on the fact. According to the children's ombudsman, the child's parents signed a contract with the Naslediye company which is owned by an agent from China.

Couples from China began to complain about the inability to take children from surrogate mothers from St. Petersburg as the borders remain closed due to the pandemic.

Since the beginning of the year, 128 records of surrogate children born to Chinese citizens have been registered in St. Petersburg. Several dozen children have been placed to the infant orphanage, while some other babies were discharged from maternity hospitals under power of attorney issued by their biological parents to the third parties. Registration of such children in St. Petersburg, control over their treatment and conditions of their detention is not implemented.