2020-10-13 20:01:00

Church against exploiting Russian women as surrogate mothers by foreigners

Moscow, October 13, Interfax - The Russian Orthodox Church official stands against Russian women becoming surrogate mothers for foreign children.

"Here I speak up as a citizen of Russia: I do not want the country I live in to become a testing ground for reproductive technologies, and Russian women to be exploited by rich foreigners," Deputy Head of the Synodal Department for Church's Relations with Society and Mass Media Vakhtang Kipshidze said at a Tuesday press conference in Moscow.

According to him, surrogate maternity is "morally unacceptable" and "as a new reproductive technology humiliates women who become surrogate mothers." The church official believes that such motherhood violates the deep emotional connections that occur between mother and child during pregnancy.

"Successful, financially secure woman will never become a surrogate mother for anyone for money. This is obviously the exploitation of those women who are at a low level of material security, who have no job to earn money to feed their other children," Kipshidze is convinced.

The representative of the Russian Orthodox Church reminded that in many developed Western countries there is an absolute ban on surrogate maternity, especially on commercial surrogacy, and quite severe penalties are assumed for such practices.

"I hope that sooner or later there will be changes in the legislation in Russia that will first ensure the termination of commercial surrogate maternity, and in future, if we come to a public consensus, termination of non-commercial surrogate maternity," Kipshidze said.