2020-10-09 10:04:00

Head of Jewish organization of Nazi concentration camp and ghetto prisoners dies

Moscow, October 9, Interfax - The head of the presidium of the Jewish organization for prisoners of Nazi concentration camps and ghettoes (the Roof Movement), Aron Zusman, died in Moscow on October 7 at the age of 83, the press service of Russia's Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar said on Thursday.

Zusman founded and led the organization since April 1992. "Having been himself a child prisoner of the 'Deadly Noose' concentration camp, he knew well the needs and problems of his organization members, offering empathy, respect and care to everyone who asked for help," the statement said.

The organization provided Holocaust victims with social, medical, psychological and legal rehabilitation victims of the Holocaust.

Lazar said that Zusman was dear to him as someone who had fought for many years to preserve the historical truth, perpetuate the memory about victims of the Holocaust, for the rights of those who survived the horrors of the Nazi camps and ghettoes. In Jewish tradition, dying does not mean disappearing, he recalled.

"God entrusted Aron Grigoryevich with a big task, which he fulfilled with honor over his long life, becoming a live example for many. And if we remember the lessons of the man who was dear to us, and if we follow his example, then this man will live on, even though he now left us," the rabbi said in a letter of condolence to the family.

Zusman will be buried at the new Jewish Vostryakovo cemetery at 2 p.m. on Friday.