2020-09-14 10:19:00

Owner of a cafe in Ukrainian Uman pinned up a plate saying he wouldn't attend Chassids; the police initiates a case

Moscow, September 14, Interfax - The police has initiated a criminal case against the owner of a cafe in the town of Uman in the Cherkassy Region who pinned up a plate saying that he would not attend Chassids in his cafe, the police of the Cherkassy Region reports at its page in Facebook.

"On September 11, the Uman Police Department received a message from the Executive Director of the Joint Jewish Community of Ukraine saying that an unidentified person pinned up a plate at a cafe in Uman where it was said in three different languages that Chassids would not be attended in the cafe. According to the initiator of the case, this inscription shows prejudiced attitude to Bratslav Chassids. At the site investigation group found out that the owner of the cafe was the author of the inscription. He explained that he made a plate in order to prevent Covid-19 spreading," the message reads.

The criminal case according to Article 161 Part 1 of the Ukrainian Criminal Code was initiated (violating equal rights of citizens because of their race, nationality, religion, physical disability or other characteristics). The evidentiary item was confiscated and conveyed to expertise.