2020-09-10 17:23:00

Peskov calls demographic problem Russia's Achilles' heel

Vladivostok, September 10, Interfax - The demographic problem is topical for all of Russia, and everything possible is being done to stimulate birth rates, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told the regional media at Interfax on Thursday.

"Generally speaking, the demographic problem is our Achilles' heel; you know that this problem is topical not only for the Far East, but also for the whole of Russia," Peskov said.

The country has been going through sporadic demographic declines since WWII, he said.

Measures are being taken to stimulate birth rates, but one shouldn't expect quick improvement, Peskov said.

"You know that everything is being done to increase the number of newborns, but the inertia of demographic problems is so big that, unfortunately, we cannot expect an immediate result," he said.