2020-09-07 11:28:00

Defrocked schema-hegumen Sergy says won't come to church court that may excommunicate him

Yekaterinburg, September 7, Interfax - Defrocked schema-hegumen Sergy will not come to the hearing of his case scheduled to be held in the diocesan court on Monday, according to his letter to Metropolitan Kirill.

"I am telling the court in writing, as I cannot come to the September 7, 2020 court hearing at noon in person due the illness caused by the continuing soul stress, grief and pain that the news published on the official website of the Yekaterinburg Diocese caused me [...] The Holy Patriarch has approved an instruction regarding the threat of the spread of coronavirus infection," says the letter obtained by Interfax.

The instruction was published on the website of the diocese back on March 17.

Sergy is asking for his case to be tried "strictly in accordance with the church canons."

Sergy's supporter Vsevolod Moguchev told Interfax the schema-hegumen's letter has been sent to the metropolitan.

According to earlier reports, Sergy's case will be heard in the court of the Yekaterinburg Diocese on Monday. He was summoned to court because he is accused of violating the 28th rule of the Holy Apostles, which puts him at risk for excommunication.

The accused will need to answer several questions in court in order not to be excommunicated. The questions are associated with the accusations made by Schema-Monk Sergy against the ruling archbishop, whom he accused of heresy, ecumenism, Satanism, and closure of churches.

Some clergymen who served with Sergy after his defrocking, when he no longer had the right to hold church services, have also been summoned to court.

In a video released earlier, Sergy dismissed the Covid-19 pandemic as a myth and called for disobedience to senior clergy and the authorities. He also cursed those who closed churches during the pandemic and warned of the creation of "Satan's electronic camp."

On June 3, the diocesan court found Father Sergy guilty of breaching his monastic vows and his priest's oath and defrocked him. The patriarch approved the decision of the diocesan court to defrock him on July 24.

Father Sergy said he has no intention of leaving the Sredneuralsky Convent. More than 150 nuns remain there. They were offered to move to other convents, but they refused.