2020-09-04 20:43:00

Mufti of Chechnya condemns republishing of caricatures on the prophet in Charlie Hebdo

Moscow, September 4, Interfax - Mufti of Chechnya Salakh Mezhiyev blames executives of the Charlie Hebdo French magazine of the attack on it in 2015 because of republishing of insulting caricatures on prophet Mohamed published again this week, Spiritual Board of the Republican Muslims reports at its Instagram.

"Republishing of insulting drawings in the French magazine Charlie Hebdo is not just another irresponsible action of the editorial staff, crossing all moral and ethic limits, but it is an accurately planned attack of the West against Islam and the whole Muslim community, which can result in new human victims," Mezhiyev was quoted as saying.

The mufti noted that the journal spreads extremist publications, devilishly pushing people towards kindling ideological hatred and religious hostility.

Mezhiyev reminded about the attack on the editorial board of the French magazine on January 7, 2015, when 12 people were killed during the attack. The Chechen mufti blames executives of the editorial board in these deaths, as their "provocative materials caused such a tough action of recompense".