2020-07-22 16:32:00

Residents of Altai are outraged with the tourists who hook medical masks on the trees "for ghosts"

Moscow, July 22, Interfax - Residents of the Altai Republic turned to the regional government with the demand to take measures against tourists who leave medical masks on the trees as a sign of gratitude to "mountain ghosts," president of the regional Association of Tourist Organizations Tatyana Zyablitskaya says.

According to her, there are videos and pictures in the Internet showing tourists, who leave medical masks instead of usual ribbons on the trees.

"Local residents are negative about it. Before the tourist season started, we turned to authorities with the request not to open tourist objects and we said that we don't need tourists with such an attitude," Zyablitskaya said at a press conference on Wednesday.

Leaving ribbons on the trees is a ritual of worshipping mountain ghosts: travelers fasten pieces of fabrics to the branches and make a wish.