2020-07-22 14:26:00

Yakutian 'shaman' Gabyshev discharged from mental hospital

Yakutsk, July 22, Interfax - Alexander Gabyshev, who identifies as a shaman, has been discharged from a psycho-neurological hospital in Yakutia after undergoing court-ordered inpatient treatment, Alexey Pryanishnikov, a coordinator for the Pravozashchita Otkrytki human rights organization, said on social media.

"After a psychological-psychiatric examination carried out at the defense's request on July 21 and a meeting of the Yakutian psycho-neurological hospital's medical board on the morning of July 22, Yakutian shaman Alexander Gabyshev has been discharged from the hospital," Pryanishnikov said.

The fact that his situation has been extensively covered by the media influenced this decision, among other things, he said.

"Without public support and extensive media coverage of the defense's efforts, his treatment could have lasted for an indefinitely long time, especially considering that the court ruling didn't limit the duration of treatment," Pryanishnikov said.

Gabyshev, who calls himself a shaman, began an 8,000-kilometer journey to Moscow in March 2019, in order to "drive away" the president and "restore the people's power." The trek was meant to last two years.

Last fall, a criminal case on charges of public calls for extremism was opened against Gabyshev. He was detained several times and eventually ended his journey.

A state examination found Gabyshev insane. On May 12, he was forcibly taken to a mental health clinic. The clinic's medical commission resolved that Gabyshev posed a threat to himself and to others.

On June 2, the Yakutsk City Court granted the mental health clinic's lawsuit seeking forced treatment for Gabyshev.