2020-07-03 17:51:00

Russia hasn't restricted, won't restrict rights based on race, sexual orientation - Putin

Novo-Ogaryovo, Moscow Region, July 3, Interfax - Russia has never practiced and will never practice discrimination based on race or sexual orientation, despite the newly-adopted constitutional amendment on traditional family values, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

"Our position is clear, I believe and I've said this many times, and I'd like to stress yet again: there has never been, there is not, and there will never be anything like the restriction of anyone's rights based on their race, sexual orientation, ethnic background, or religion. There has never been and will never be anything of the sort in Russia," Putin said at a meeting with the working group on constitutional amendments on Friday.

Putin mentioned the legislation banning propaganda of homosexuality among minors, which was adopted in Russia several years ago. "And so what? Let a person grow up, come of age, and determine their fate themselves. Just don't force anything on anyone. That's what we're opposed to," Putin said.

"Those who attack us on this track are just preaching to the choir. Let them better take care of themselves," he said.

Some countries, including the United States, still have laws allowing the prosecution of people with non-traditional sexual orientations, just as was the case in the Soviet Union, Putin said.

"We have nothing of the sort, while some countries might sentence people with nontraditional sexual orientation to death. Let them work on this and poke around there. As for our position, it's clear," he said.