2020-07-03 17:46:00

Putin comments on LGBT flag flying over U.S. embassy building in Moscow

Novo-Ogaryovo, Moscow Region, July 3, Interfax - By hoisting an LGBT flag at its building in Moscow, the United States embassy to Russia has shown who works there, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

The U.S. embassy in Moscow placed a rainbow flag symbolizing the LGBT community on its building at the end of June.

During Putin's meeting with the working group on amendments to the Russian Constitution on Friday, Federation Council member and journalist Alexey Pushkov noted that raising an LGBT flag on the day the vote on constitutional amendments began in Russia was a demonstrative act.

"Who works in that building?" Putin said.

Pushkov replied that American diplomats do.

"Well, they've shown something as regards who works there. No worries," Putin said.

Russia has never practiced, is not practicing, and will never practice anything like the restriction of anyone's rights based on their sex, sexual orientation, or ethnic background, he said.