2020-06-29 20:59:00

Filaret demands another tomos from Patriarch Bartholomew

Moscow, June 29, Interfax - The leader of the non-canonical Kiev Patriarchate, Filaret Denisenko, has announced his intention to seek a new tomos from the patriarch of Constantinople for the independence of the Church in Ukraine.

The tomos granted in January 2019 did not really make the Ukrainian church autocephalous but subordinated it to Constantinople, Filaret said in an interview with the Apostrophe news outlet.

"The patriarch of Constantinople should give us a tomos like those he gave to the church in Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia. We need that kind of tomos. And that is what we hoped for," Filaret said.

"We will continue to demand until the end a tomos of the kind the other Churches have. We firmly stick to the patriarchate's position. If the Ecumenical patriarch gives a new tomos to the patriarchate, this will mean that we have indeed become an autocephalous, independent church," Filaret said.

On October 11, 2018 the Synod in Istanbul abolished its 300-year-old decree handing over the Kiev Metropolitanate to Moscow, and announced the creation of its metochion in Kiev and rehabilitated the leaders of non-canonical Orthodox churches in Ukraine. The Synod of the Moscow Patriarchate responded by severing ties with Constantinople.

On January 5 Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople signed a tomos on the autocephaly for the new Ukrainian church (OCU) founded on December 15.

The OCU brought together non-canonical Orthodox churches. However, Filaret Denisenko, who led the biggest of them, soon quit the OCU along with his supporters.

In the interview with Apostrophe, he promised that the Kiev Patriarchate's Ukrainian Orthodox Church will wait until "the time when the Ukrainian Church receives the real tomos of autocephaly."