2020-06-29 10:00:00

Russian Jews urges American demonstrators to peaceful dialogue

Moscow, June 29, Interfax - President of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia Alexander Boroda criticizes the way of struggling for equality chosen by participants in the protest actions in the USA, which started after the murder of Afro-American George Floyd.

"Problems of racial intolerance, xenophobia, chauvinism require serious social and human work. State and public structures should immediately react on each incident. I certainly mean exceptionally civilized, constructive dialogue, and not actions of destructive and uncontrolled force. Why during the talk about equality one group believes it possible to openly insult the other, inflict real harm to people and cry out extremist slogans?" Boroda told Interfax.

He also condemned dismantling of monuments to people connected with slavery.

"As for me, "the action" on dismantling monuments - is first of all vandalism and only secondarily is a statement. And how many strange incidents there were, such as disfigurement of monument to writer Cervantes, it is a direct indicator. And here protesters are guided rather by blind negative emotion than knowledge and analysis of the situation," the rabbi said.

He said that there were no univocal personalities in history, but society memorializes them for their achievements, not for their mistakes. "There were philanthropists, enlighteners and effective governors among dismantled monuments. Certainly, if evil deeds prevail, there shouldn't be a monument to such a person, but a decision about the future of the monument shouldn't be made in such a barbaric way," Boroda said.

"We can't "dismantle" historic memory and throw it into river, but we can revise errors and fatal mistakes of the predeceasing generations and not repeat them in the future. Kindling hatred and multiplying aggression we won't build our society on principles of justice and kindness," the FJCR president said.