2020-06-18 17:58:00

Rabbi Lazar does not consider the pandemic God's punishment for human sins

Moscow, June 18, Interfax - Chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar does not agree with those who say that the coronavirus pandemic is the Lord's punishment for human sins.

"God is not a policeman, he does not stand guard to catch a sinner! Punishment is what a person invites with his wrong behavior. For example, if a person eats junky food, his body will suffer, and it is not "God's punishment," but an inevitable result of his own mistake. On the contrary, when a person tries to do good, to live better, it helps him avoid many troubles. Help yourself and God will help you: all peoples of the world have such proverbs," Lazar writes in his column published in Lechaim magazine in June.

According to the rabbi, punishment is not God's decision, it is the inevitable consequence of a person's actions. "But if a person recognizes his mistakes and is going to correct them, he will receive God's blessing and his life will be filled with joy and tranquility," Lazar believes.