2020-06-15 21:07:00

Chief rabbi of Russia promises to vaccinate the whole Jewish community against coronavirus

Moscow, June 15, Interfax - Chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar, who has been recently discharged from the hospital after coronavirus treatment, believes that all Jews should be vaccinated against coronavirus as soon as the vaccine proves its effectiveness.

"When the vaccine really appears and proves its efficiency, we will vaccinate not only our relatives and children, but all our schoolchildren and those who come to our community," he said in his interview with Interfax.

The rabbi said that he approved of vaccination against any disease. "The Lord commanded us to take care of our health, and health of our relatives," he reminded.

The recovered rabbi recommends everyone who suspects that he has coronavirus to call the doctor immediately and to make a test. "You should not leave it to chance. Thanks God, our medicine has the necessary experience and learned how to treat the most complicated cases. We should do everything that depends on us and maximally fulfill all recommendations of experts," Lazar recommends.

According to the Jewish leader, to avoid panic you should think positive. "You know, a believer always lays his hopes on the Lord and is full of optimism. And even doctors say that optimism is a half of recovery," he said.