2020-06-15 11:46:00

Jewish museum breaks cooperation with those, who placed a xenophobic announcement from its behalf

Moscow, June 15, Interfax - The Jewish Museum and Center of Tolerance officials are outraged with actions of subcontractor involved in recruiting staff, who placed an announcement at the Restojob website that the museum cafe is searching for a barman with a Slavic appearance only.

"I am tending to think that this situation is an open provocation rather than a real search. When any decent reasonable person sees such announcements, which are unfortunately often in various spheres, he only has acute negative reaction, even disgust," General Director of the museum, President of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia Alexander Boroda wrote in an open letter.

Thus he commented on an incident that took place in social nets on the day before. According to Boroda, the fact that the Jewish Museum and Center of Tolerance was mentioned in this description seems "incredibly absurd."

"It contradicts our convictions, but it is exactly the things which our organization has been opposing for almost eight years. We initiated more than hundred educational programs in the field of civil and multicultural education aimed at making such definitions impossible in our society. Respect, cooperation, involvement, diversity are the values laid in the foundation if our projects," the rabbi said.

Anyway, he believes that "elementary moral up is enough not to think and to act at the level of ignorant xenophobia."