2020-05-29 11:50:00

Defense team of Yakutia's shaman Gabyshev challenges his commitment to psychiatric hospital in court

Yakutsk, May 29, Interfax - The defense team for Yakutia's shaman Alexander Gabyshev has filed an administrative claim with the Yakutsk City Court seeking to declare Gabyshev's commitment to a psychiatric hospital unlawful, the Pravozashchita Otkrytki human rights organization said in a statement.

"Gabyshev was detained and committed to a certain observation facility of Yakutia's Republican Psychiatric Hospital without any lawful grounds," the statement said.

According to the human rights activists, Gabyshev was hospitalized in blatant violation of the Law on Psychiatric Aid. He was illegally detained, committed to the psychiatric ward, and denied the right to communicate with his lawyer.

Gabyshev, who calls himself a shaman, began an 8,000-kilometer journey to Moscow in March 2019, in order to "drive Putin away" and "restore the people's power." The trek was supposed to last two years.

Last fall, Gabyshev became the subject of a criminal inquiry into public calls for extremism, was arrested several times, and eventually had to call off his journey.

A mental examination found him unfit to stand trial.

Gabyshev was committed to the psychiatric ward on May 12.