2020-05-27 18:17:00

Siberian hermit Agafya Lykova does not know much about coronavirus, but prays for the sick

Kemerovo, May 27, Interfax - Hermit Agafya Lykova, who has been living isolated in the Sayan Taiga, Siberia, since the 1940-s, does not know much about the situation with COVID-19, but prays for those who fell ill, press service of the Khakassky national park responded to Interfax inquiry.

An assistant has been living together with the 76-year-old hermit during the recent years, such a decision was taken by the Russian Orthodox Old-Rite Church. Last time, Lykova was visited on May 25, when food and medicines were delivered to her.

Lykova is the only alive representative of the retreated old-rite family found by Soviet geologists in 1978 in Western Sayan.

There were five of them: father Karp Iosifovich, his two sons and two daughters - one of them was 34-year-old Agafya. They lived in taiga for a long time trying to run away from the influence of the outside world. Three children died one by one in 1981, their father died in 1988.

According to the geologists, who found the Old-Rite believers, they almost felt themselves in the 19th century: all members of the family were dressed in the home made cloths, wore birch bark shoes, lived by natural economy: they went hunting and fishing.