2020-05-27 17:04:00

The Protection Monastery in Moscow with St. Matrona relics opened for parishioners in spite of the acting ban of Russian Church

Moscow, May 27, Interfax - The Protection Monastery of Moscow where relics of St. Matrona are kept opened its doors for visitors in spite of the prolonged regimen of self-isolation, but took all security measures.

The Interfax correspondent visited the monastery and reported about the situation.

The temperature is taken at the entry to the nunnery , visitors are asked to put on a mask. Parishioners are few, they can enter the Protection Church, venerate the relics of St. Matrona, take the blessed water and write names of their relatives for commemoration. Sanitary measures are strictly observed. The tomb with the relics is disinfected after each worshipper. The miraculous icon at the exterior wall is also wiped with antiseptic, parishioners are asked to distance from one another in a queue to the icon. It is not difficult: the number of visitors has decreased a hundredfold (two people were in the line to the icon St. Matrona, five more - in the line to the relics), totally, there were about 15 parishioners in the church.

There are almost no flowers near St. Matrona relics. Nuns used to take them in bales before the quarantine and then gave the blessed flowers to the faithful. Today, the security measures recommend to step back from this tradition.

Moscow churches and monasteries have been closed from April 13, the Holy Week, with the blessing of Patriarch Kirill as it was recommended by the Moscow chief medical officer Yelena Andreyeva. Such a step was taken to prevent spreading of coronavirus. Then the ban was prolonged for indefinite period.