2020-05-27 11:17:00

Yekaterinburg diocese bans services of priest who cursed those who close churches over pandemic

Yekaterinburg, May 27, Interfax - The Yekaterinburg Diocese has banned Schema-Hegumen Sergy (Romanov), who has cursed those who close churches during the Covid-19 pandemic, from conducting services and wearing a pectoral cross.

"Due to the public speech by Schema-Hegumen Sergy (Romanov), who violated an archbishop's Decree 32 of April 27, 2020, this clergyman is banned from conducting services and wearing a pectoral cross starting from today," the press service for the Yekaterinburg Diocese said.

The schema-hegumen's activities will be addressed by the diocesan court of the Yekaterinburg Diocese.

Metropolitan Kirill of Yekaterinburg and Verkhoturye said in his address to the schema-hegumen published on the diocese website that he cannot hear confessions, leave the territory of the John the Evangelist skeet without a written blessing, ordain people to become monks, wear a pectoral cross and take communion.

"I have had more than one pastoral talk with you, both one-on-one and in the presence of other people, regarding your public preaches and speeches. You promised me to improve, but you have breached the promise that you gave me," the address said.

The Yekaterinburg Diocese previously banned Schema-Hegumen Sergy (Romanov) from preaching and making public statements.

A video of the speech by Schema-Hegumen Sergy (Romanov), in which he called the coronavirus pandemic a myth and called on people to disobey the church administration and the authorities. Among other things, the priest cursed those who close churches during the pandemic and warned about the creation of "Satan's electronic concentration camp."