2020-05-25 16:12:00

Chief rabbi of Russia believes attention to our neighbors to be the main achievement of the pandemic

Moscow, May 25, Interfax - Chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar is sure that the pandemic of coronavirus has taught people to take care of their relatives and neighbors and this achievement should remain with us when the disease steps back.

"I believe that each of us once a day should call at least one of his or her friends and ask: "How are you?" "Are you alright?" We should show our neighbors that they are not alone, they are dear to someone. And it is the main lesson of the pandemic that we have to learn," the rabbi said during an online talk at the Limud educational organization.

According to Lazar, help to our relatives and neighbors is very important from the point of upbringing children, who will learn from their parents' example. "Children see how parents react on hardships. If a child sees that his father does not panic, but quietly and confidently helps those who are near, he will remember it and will do the same," the rabbi said.