2020-05-25 15:09:00

Coronavirus may be part of biopsychological war - Russian Orthodox Church

Moscow, May 25, Interfax - The Russian Orthodox Church has cautioned people against excessively fueling the issue of the danger of coronavirus, which may lead to a loss of psychological balance and, consequently, weaken people's immunity.

The human rights center of the World Russian People's Council, led by Patriarch Kirill, issued an address to the Prosecutor General's Office and the Russian Investigative Committee on May 18, asking them to look into the circumstances of the pandemic. The authors of the statement said they were concerned about indicators of the deliberate creation of coronavirus and the prospects for the creation of biological weapons during work on a vaccine.

"Besides the possibility of a biological war, there is also a possibility for a biopsychological war, that is, when people are scared by what is happening, scared by the rampant virus and the danger they and their loved ones are in; they start losing their immune resistance because they focus on negative things [...] It's a very dangerous psychological situation," Metropolitan Hilarion, head of the synodal department of external church relations, said on the Church and the World program on the Rossiya-24 television channel.

"That's why, regardless of possible investigations into the causes of the virus, I would like to call on all our viewers to give as much attention as possible to their own spiritual, mental, and physical health. In order to defeat this virus, we all need a very strong immunity, and this immunity is acquired not only on a physical level, but also on spiritual, mental levels," he said.

The concerns of the World Russian People's Council about the circumstances of the pandemic are justified, the metropolitan said.

"We really need to know where the virus came from, including to understand how and when a vaccine for this virus will be created," he said. He said he believes that the theory that Covid-19 may be a new biological weapon also needs to be investigated.