2020-05-21 16:47:00

Russian Orthodox Church organizes donation of blood from people who recovered from coronavirus

Moscow, May 21, Interfax - The Russian Orthodox Church joined the project on donating blood of people who recovered from coronavirus and organized a special line at its hospital in Moscow.

"St.Alexis hospital has been recently involved in diagnosing the coronavirus infection, and we are glad to participate in organizing donation of plasma, so we've launched such a joint project with Moscow state hospital 52. It organized help to patients with coronavirus at a high level," chief medical officer of St. Alexis church hospital Alexey Zarov told the journalists.

He noted that transfusion of plasma rich in antibodies was proven to be one of the most effective methods of helping patients with coronavirus infection in severe acute form, which is widely used abroad.

People aged from 18 to 55 who recovered from COVID-19 without chronical diseases can become donors of plasma. They should also be HIV, hepatitis B and C negative.