2020-05-21 12:55:00

Moldovan PM, in response to Synod's threats, calls for praying for Orthodox clergy's clarity of mind

Chisinau, May 21, Interfax - Moldova will maintain its ban on conducting religious services inside churches as long as the epidemiological situation in the country remains complicated, Prime Minister Ion Chicu said following a warning from the Synod of the Orthodox Church of Moldova that his name will not be mentioned during religious services if he does not revise the decision to ban indoor religious services.

"This crisis reminds us of how important it is to restore the education system in the country. There would have been no room for such 'warnings' in an educated society. Lord, forgive me," the prime minister wrote on his Facebook page, calling for mercy and understanding.

"Lord, forgive me, keep me from sin, give me the wisdom and strength to wisely and calmly react to such things. Let us be merciful and understanding. It may so happen to each of us that our mind will be clouded by the power of instincts and temptations," Chicu said.

The prime minister asked the country's citizens to "pray for the clarity of mind and health of people, including bureaucrats and the clergy."

The Orthodox Church of Moldova earlier threatened Prime Minister Chicu that the church would stop praying for him if traditional services in churches with observance of all rituals are not allowed.

According to earlier reports, church services involving worshippers were banned during the state of emergency in Moldova from March 17 to May 15. Several priests were fined for breaching the ban. Church services were permitted from May 16, but only outside and if social distancing rules and other precautions are observed.

In the same message to Chicu, the church also warned the Moldovan authorities that any future coronavirus vaccination must be voluntary.

The Synod cited "additional information about upcoming microchipping of people by means of vaccines," also mentioning the dangers posed by the activities of U.S. billionaire Bill Gates to humankind and the risks coming from the 5G technology.