2020-05-20 13:35:00

Rabbi Lazar believes pandemic is a result of people's disassociation

Moscow, May 20, Interfax - Chief rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar tried to answer the question what caused the current pandemic of coronavirus basing on the Jewish outlook.

According to the article of the Lechaim magazine, the rabbi says that the Judaism teaches that "seven kinds of troubles come to the world for seven kinds of sins." If people do not allot the tenth part of their income, then the time of hunger comes, if people violate the laws of the Torah, the deadly plague comes, if the court is unrighteous, then the war comes."

Lazar stressed that all these consequences are not the punishment of God, but result from our incorrect behavior: "each commandment that we fulfill add protection to us, and each commandment we violate, lessen this protection."

"And now, during the pandemic, it is again manifested to us, that everything is not occasional, everything comes "measure for measure." Look, the virus does not let people gather together, pray together, celebrate together: it evidently shows that we have "some imperfections" in this field: we lack unity, mutual understanding, mutual support," the chief rabbi of Russia believes.

According to him, to improve the situation we should love, respect, support each other.

"To realize this verity, we are taking a bitter medicine now," Rabbi Lazar says noting that if a child receives a sweet medicine, he will ask for more, and "if he gets a bitter one, he will spare no effort not to need it again."