2020-05-19 12:15:00

Jews all over the world celebrate the Victory Day according to the Jewish calendar

Moscow, May 19, Interfax - The Day of Salvation and Liberation or the Victory Day on the Jewish calendar set up as a religious continuation of May 9 to express gratitude of Jewish people to the Red Army for saving from nazism will be celebrated online this year.

Chief rabbis from different countries, including Israel, France, Italy, Russia, Germany, Austria and others will chair a solemn ceremony and prayer during the online conference, organizers told the journalists.

The ceremony includes lightening of three candles: to glorify God, to honor soldiers-liberators and to commemorate the victims. Commemorative prayers and prayers of gratitude will be also lifted up. Global prayer at the Wailing Wall will be held in Jerusalem at 6 p.m. and thanks to online format everyone will be able to join it.

Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated everyone who celebrate the Day of Salvation and Liberation, saying that it is filled with special spiritual meaning this anniversary year.

"Seventy-five years ago, the thunder of weapon salvos ceased, and the most cruel war of the 20th century ended," Putin said in his congratulatory message published on the Kremlin website on Tuesday.

Like the Victory Day on May 9, this day is also a tribute to the memory of the unparalleled feat of the soldiers and officers of the Red Army and the allies' armies that defeated Nazism and saved the Jews and other peoples from total extermination, Putin said.

Every year, the 26th day of Iyar brings together an ever-growing number of members of the Jewish community both in Russia and abroad and contributes to the patriotic upbringing of the youth, he said.

"I am convinced that both we and the coming generations ought to carefully safeguard the historical truth of this war and realize what devastating aftermath can be entailed by any pandering to nationalism, anti-Semitism, racism, and xenophobia," Putin said.

The Day of Salvation and Liberation has been celebrated since 2015, the 70th anniversary of the Victory. It is the day of prayer and gratitude for saving Jews from total genocide. On this day it is prescribed to Jews to express joy for their miraculous liberation as on the Passover and for their miraculous salvation as on Purim or Hanukkah.

The date of Iyar 26 was chosen as May 9 fell on it when the Third Reich capitulated in 1945.

The Day of Salvation and Liberation is included in the list of official memorable dates in Russia and in the state calendar of Israel. Due to the difference between Gregorian and Jewish calendars each year it falls on different days, festival events in 2020 will start in the evening on May 19 and will continue on May 20.