2020-05-14 18:53:00

Family climate worsens for 10% of Russians in self-isolation, 19% claim opposite - poll

Moscow, May 14, Interfax - Ten percent of Russians polled by the Superjob.ru research center say their family climate has worsened over the self-isolation period, the pollster said in a statement obtained by Interfax on Thursday.

Seven percent of the respondents reported a serious deterioration of climate in their families. The problem was reported by men (8%) more often than by women (5%).

Three percent of the respondents say they are thinking about divorce. Women (5%) feel more resolute than men (3%).

However, most Russians (58%) told the pollster that self-isolation had no effect on their family climate, which remained good.

Four percent said climate in their families was as bad as before the lockdown.

Nearly a fifth of the respondents (19%) claimed an improvement of family climate: 6% merely said that family climate improved, and 13% said that self-isolation helped them understand that their partner was the best person in the world.

The research center polled 1,600 married Russians aged 18 and up in 336 populated localities in all federal districts on May 12-13.