2020-05-08 16:09:00

Chief rabbi of Russia calls it symbolic that global struggle against coronavirus coincides with jubilee of the Victory

*** The best response to Holocaust are happy Jewish families, FJCR president believes

Moscow, May 8, Interfax - Chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar believes it symbolic that on the year of 75th anniversary of the Victory we have to fight against new terrific enemy - the pandemic.

"We cannot hold parades, we cannot bring veterans together, we cannot even visit you to express our gratitude. But look at those who are on the frontline today - our doctors who follow your (veterans - IF) example, when they save human lives, putting themselves in danger and even risking their lives," Lazar wrote in his address to the participants in the Great Patriotic War.

He noted that volunteers today recall war heroes, when they come to help not making a difference between "ours" and "alien." "It is your example that guide the politicians and state leaders who realize that they cannot think only about their own country when struggling against evil," the rabbi said.

President of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia Alexander Boroda believes that the best response to those who organized Holocaust are happy generations of Jewish families.

"Today we are not afraid to be Jews, we are proud of our faith, we set up families and give birth to children and it is our best response to Hitler's horrific plans, our personification of Victory, which celebrates its 75th anniversary this year," he wrote in his address to veterans.

He urged "not to forget our history, in order not to confuse black and white, malefactors and liberators." "The Great Patriotic war is an example of how good, truth, humanness and mercy turn out to be more powerful and win over aggression, lie, evil and destruction," Boroda said.