2020-05-07 17:54:00

"Jewish" Victory Day won't be postponed because of coronavirus

Moscow, May 7, Interfax - Festival events dedicated to the Day of Salvation and Liberation or the Victory Day according to the Jewish calendar, will not be postponed, despite the coronavirus pandemic, Vice President of the Russian Jewish Congress, President of the Mountain Jews Foundation STMEGI German Zakharyaev, who initiated celebrations of the holiday in 2014, told Interfax.

According to Zakharyaev, the celebrations in Russia and all around the world will take place, as in previous years, on 26 Iyar (this year falls on May 19), and this date is sacred and unchangeable. It is the 26th day of the Jewish month of Iyar that coincides with May 9, 1945.

However, Zakharyaev believes it important not to put people's health at risk, so the character of the celebrations will be changed: this year, the celebrations will be held primarily in a family circle and in an interactive format. The celebrations will be focused on an online prayer in Jerusalem at the Wailing Wall, everyone will be able to join it in the Internet.

On this day, religious Jewish families will light three candles traditional for the day of Salvation and Liberation to honor the soldiers-liberators, in memory of the dead and for the glory of God. It is also planned to hold an annual wreath-laying ceremony in the Alexander Garden to the Grave of the Unknown Soldier, this year it will be held in a narrow format with all measures of antiviral protection.