2020-05-07 17:51:00

Tradition to celebrate birthdays with homeless people appeared in Moscow during the pandemic

Moscow, May 7, Interfax - An unusual initiative started in Moscow on the days of coronavirus pandemic: those who celebrate their birthday transfer money to deliver food to homeless people from the Rescue Hangarof the Miloserdiye Orthodox service.

"Ksenia started a new good tradition: on her birthday she ordered a delivery of food to the Rescue Hangar. Last week six other people took up the idea and almost every day homeless people had festival meal. A 10-year girl, Liza, also shared her birthday dinner with those who live at the streets. She used money gifted to her as a birthday present to buy cheeseburgers and conveyed them to the Rescue Hangar. In response proteges of the Miloserdiye service congratulated Liza at a video conference," the Synodal Department for Church Charity reports on Thursday.

"We get surprising care from absolutely different people united by the common goal: to set up a festival at the places where it is especially important. People who now cannot celebrate their birthday as they used to do it with relatives and friends have found a wonderful way out in this difficult for all of us situation - to give joy to absolutely unknown people, who are facing such difficulties," Irina Meshkova, head of the charitable programs of Miloserdiye, said.

The number of people coming to the Rescue Hangar" has tripled since March 20 and now amounts to more than 300 people a day. More than 10,000 meals were given to the homeless people in the Rescue Hangar over the entire time of the pandemic.