2020-05-04 18:26:00

Archpriest Dimitry Smirnov urges not to give children gadgets and ban foreign cartoons

Moscow, May 4, Interfax - Archpriest Dimitry Smirnov, the head of the Patriarch's Commission on Family Issues, says that gadgets demoralize children and should not be used.

"Parents continue buying different gadgets to their children, and they entirely ruin their spiritual life, it is impossible to restore a demoralized person and bring him back to Christianity afterwards - only through very serious trials, which will lead a child to repentance," the priest said at a meeting of the Moscow North vicariate.

He believes that if we want to bring up children we should remove gadgets out of use. "If a child grumbles, swears and stamps his feet, you must say: here you are, the door is open, get out of our house to the streets, live as you please, but as long as I live, I won't give it to you," he said.

He mentioned that some children are treated in hospitals because of their addiction to gadgets, the latter are similar to drugs. Father Dimitry also believes that gadgets lead to loosing social skills among youth. "They communicate with each other (in Internet - IF), it is absolute freedom there, no parents' and school control, they are left to their own devices. Like homeless people, once they left their environment, they will prefer to live at the streets rather than in society," the church official said.

Head of the Patriarch's Commission supposes that children should not watch modern cartoons.

"Probably someone won't understand me, but I am absolutely sure that there should be a ban on cartoons, especially on foreign cartoons, as they show only freaks, only unscrupulous characters who mangle the Russian language without shame, and all actors say mangled words, not a human language. It spoils children and children who watch cartoons from 2 years (...) are slow to start speaking, it is difficult for them to speak a human language," the priest said.