2020-04-13 18:46:00

Lukashenko will go to church on Easter, suggests preaching outdoors

Minsk, April 13, Interfax - Byelorussian President Alexander Lukashenko has said that he will not prohibit Byelorussians to do anything on Easter and will attend the church service.

"Those who want will pray and go to church. I will be in church. This is my tradition. I rarely go but I am always in church on Christmas and Easter. I usually travel to the regions and visit those small churches," Lukashenko said as quoted by BelTA state news agency.

"I want to stress once more: we are not closing the road to church to anyone. That is my strong demand. We do not prohibit anything to anyone. We made this known to the leadership of all churches and creeds, including the Orthodox Church," he said.

Still he urged clergymen to preach outdoors near churches and place tables for blessing eggs and kulich cakes there too.

"You light a candle, walk out and go. All preaching is best near the church," Lukashenko said. "The tables should be put up in elevated places, where the wind blows and so on. So that this would not be indoors. To be on the safe side where possible. Clergymen should also realize that, especially in the cities," he said.