2020-04-13 10:55:00

Patriarch Kirill tells how to turn coronavirus for the welfare of humanity

Moscow, April 13, Interfax - Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia believes the coronavirus pandemic is the divine providence and its goal is to destroy the ideals of consumer society.

"The development of human civilization, especially during the last decade, was aimed at satisfying unrestrained desire to have more, to consume more, to wish more. Human minds were so reoriented that life focused on this intention to have more, while all great ideals, noble and glorious, including the best ideal - faith in God, for many people were moved to the periphery of life," the patriarch said after the service at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior on the Palm Sunday.

According to him, the current pandemic urges people to remember that man can't live by bread alone, to think over the meaning of life and his weakness as "the tragic overvaluation of human possibilities supported by doubtless achievements in science and technics, deprived many people of critical view on themselves."

However, sorrows are given to become lessons of life, the patriarch said. "And if after overcoming this sorrow we will become closer to God, then we will certainly win a victory over this sorrow," he said.

If we survive the period of pandemic with such thoughts, "if going through these sorrows, we will change, we will destroy prejudice of rich consumer society, which lays hopes on the power of brains and power of money, but absolutely excluding the power of God, if we leave behind the attractions of these passions, then the things we are going through now, will serve for the best," Patriarch Kirill believes.