2020-03-28 17:55:00

The Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia will give Pesach food sets to all parishioners

Moscow, March 28, Interfax - Jews will celebrate Pesach in family circle this year in connection with the introduced quarantine, so the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia distribute festival food sets to its parishioners.

"For the first time we give Passover sets to absolutely all parishioners of all our synagogues all over the country. It will be a substitute for public dinners (seders), which are traditionally held on the Pesach, the day when we celebrate the exodus from Egypt," head of the FJCR press service Darya Mikhelson told Interfax and added that food sets would be given free of charge.

The sets include matzah, juice, wine and Haggadah, guidelines about the feast.

"Story of the Passover reminds us of important values - power of faith, need to respect and care for those who are sick and not protected. Let these lessons of the feast keep us safe, strengthen our spirit, our confidence in ourselves and our good affairs," President of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia Alexander Boroda said in his letter to heads of Jewish communities in Russian cities.