2020-03-25 15:49:00

FJCR closes all its synagogues in Russia

Moscow, March 25, Interfax - Russia's Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar and President of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia (FJCR) Alexander Boroda have sent letters to the regions recommending that synagogues, community centers, and children's educational establishments be closed to regular visits and that public dinners be temporarily suspended.

"In most Russian regions, there are no officially confirmed cases of coronavirus yet, nevertheless, a decision to close synagogues has been made as a precaution," the FJCR press service said.

The closure of synagogues does not mean that the community stops working, the press service said. The community continues to work in a new format, organizing online Torah lessons, opening hotlines on Jewish issues, helping organize shabbes at home, and changing Jewish educational establishments over to distance learning, the press service said.

Besides, the number of charity programs has been increased, delivery of food packages to quarantined families, elderly people, and people in at-risk groups has been organized, and other necessary assistance is being provided.