2020-03-24 17:40:00

Monastery south of Moscow thrown away dozens of dogs, police was told they miraculously flew away

Moscow, March 24, Interfax - Monastery of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God in the Tula Region (south of Moscow) deprived volunteers of a possibility to save cats and dogs, who stayed in the monastery after the decision of the local administration to close the animal shelter.

On March 16, people on Jeeps arrived at the monastery in Kolyupanovo Village and took about 60 dogs to an undisclosed location. Volunteers were told that dogs were taken to other shelters and to "good hands", while policemen were told that "dogs miraculously flew away." Afterwards, the dogs were found in forests and fields in radius of 30-40 km.

According to the volunteers, today there are two dogs and about 20 cats who returned to the monastery.

"We were going to take them to a new shelter, where we found a place for them, but they prohibited us to save even two sick cats, who need permanent help of veterinary doctors. They say that animals belong to the monastery. Though when they drove them to galleys they did not consider the animals monastic property. The monastery is turned into a closed object, they don't let us see the dogs and cats we cared for for a long time," one of the volunteers told the journalists on Tuesday.

According to the animal rights activists, during the week they managed to find 21 dogs of former monastic pets, while about 40 animals are being searched for.

The volunteers also report that rector of the monastery Hegumenia Yevfrosinia, who set up the animal shelter about dozen years ago and patronized it until recently, today is isolated on a pretext of quarantine, and she even does not know about the destiny of her pets.

"It's hard to imagine what her reaction will be, when the quarantine is over and she learns about it! She is 80, and these dogs were the affair of her life," the volunteer said.

On the weekend famous Russian actors urged Patriarch Kirill to interfere in the situation with the monastic shelter.

The photo shows former monastic dog Rex who has been recently found by the volunteers after several days of wandering along fields and forests in ten kilometers from the monastery