2020-03-20 19:12:00

Rabbi beaten to death in Dagestan

Makhachkala, March 20, Interfax - Police in Dagestan have arrested a man suspected of beating a pensioner who later died from injuries in hospital, the republic's Interior Ministry said.

"The incident took place in the town of Buinaksk. On March 13 a 34-year-old man beat up a 66-year-old local resident. The latter was hospitalized in coma at the intensive care unit of a city hospital where he died several days later," a spokesperson told Interfax on Friday.

The suspect was apprehended shortly after the incident and charged with "intentional infliction of grievous bodily harm," the spokesman said. "Because of the victim's death, the charge will be re-classified."

An informed source said that the victim was a rabbi from a Buinaksk synagogue, a member of the local Jewish community.

"His name is Izgiyagu Pashayev. The arrested suspect is Artur Abdulayev. Pashayev put up a woman who had nowhere to live. She turned out to be a sister of Abdulayev's who then cruelly beat up the theologian," the source said.