2020-03-17 14:46:00

Leader of Pentecostals considers coronavirus a sign of coming Apocalypse

Moscow, March 17, Interfax - Head of Russian Pentecostals, member of Russia's Public Chamber, Sergey Ryahovsky thinks spreading coronavirus is a sign of soon Apocalypse, but urged the believers to keep calm and do not panic.

"Preciouīs brothers and sisters, it is evident for all Christians that the Lord granted us to live in the times called the time of the end in Bible. One of its signs is appearance of new illnesses, and spreading of rumors and panic. And this is the time when believers should give a bright example of calmness and hope on the Lord," Ryahovsky said in his statement issued on Tuesday in Moscow.

The Protestant leader urged his parish to intensify their prayers and the Lent, and asked Pentecostal bishops and pastors to organize online broadcasts in Moscow and other regions, where limitations are introduced.