2020-03-13 13:37:00

Sermons before Friday prayer cancelled in Kazakh mosques starting March 20 due to coronavirus

Nur-Sultan, March 13, Interfax - The Spiritual Muslim Board of Kazakhstan has made the decision to temporarily cancel sermons in mosques before Friday prayers, due to the threat of the spread of coronavirus, starting on March 20.

"The spread of the virus in many countries and the increase in the number of sick people has led to fears that this virus will affect us, as well. In this regard, the Spiritual Muslim Board of Kazakhstan is reporting the following, in accordance with sharia law, in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus: the 30-minute sermons read before the zhuma namaz (Friday prayer) are being temporarily suspended, starting on March 20," the board said in a statement posted on its website.

Believers should attend mosques in masks, and it is recommended against shaking hands following prayer.

"It's essential to leave the mosque immediately after the namaz; young children cannot be brought to mosques; it's not recommended that elderly people, sick people, and women come," the statement said.

These rules take effect on March 13. The Spiritual Muslim Board of Kazakhstan is asking all Muslims to be understanding of these recommendations.