2020-03-11 18:20:00

Chief rabbi of Russia says the righteous should not fear coronavirus

Moscow, March 11, Interfax - Chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar urges not to panic about the new type of coronavirus.

"Everyone faces hard moments in life, there are threats, there are fears - for example, today there are fears of coronavirus. We know that we have to take care, the Torah teaches us that caring about our health is the important part of our ministry to God. However, first of all, we have to remember that we should not panic or fall into despair: God sees everything and the righteous will be saved from all the troubles," Lazar said in his address to Jews on Purim.

Adherents of Judaism started celebrating the feast on March 9, it reminds of the miraculous salvation of Jews under the reign of Persian king Artaxerxes.

According to the rabbi, the faith in God helped Jews survive those events. "They knew that God holds all threads of action in His hand and salvation always comes from Him. It is where their optimism rooted even on the hardest days," Lazar writes.